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At Ron’s Rentals we rent the Argo 750 HDI with the ADMIRAL High Torque Transmission. The Admiral High Torque transmission provides even torque to all 8 wheels increasing efficiency resulting in more power to the wheels for optimum performance. You want the Admiral High Torque Transmission when operating an Argo with tracks. The ADMIRAL transmission requires less power to steer in high gear and almost eliminates the need to operate in low gear. All of our Argos with Tracks and ROPS come standard with LED Lights, Buggy Whips and 10 lbs Fire Extinguishers. For shelter from the elements our Argos can be fitted with Canopies, Windshields, and Heater Kits. The Canopies can be quickly set up in fifteen minutes or less by a team of two even if it is your first time setting one up. Side and Rear windows can be kept in a roll-up position allowing for easy access to the cargo area. We recommend renting one of our enclosed trailers. We set up the cab for you before you rent it so when you get to your job site it is all ready to go.

Our Argo fleet is maintained by a Journeyman mechanic. You will feel the difference when you rent an Argo from Ron’s Rentals.

Product Features

  • Engine

    Kohler Aegis LH 775

  • Power

    31 HP

  • Fuel Capacity

    27 L

  • Drive System

    Roller Chain Driving all 8 Wheels

  • Tires

    25 x 12 x 9

  • Weight

    Approximately 2,000 lbs

  • Length


  • Width

    72" with Tracks

  • Height

    76" with ROPS

  • Ground Clearance

    10.5" with Tracks

  • Load Capacity

    1,150 lbs on land

  • Towing Capacity

    1,800 lbs

  • Ground Pressure

    0.67 PSI with Tracks

  • Transmission

    ADMIRAL triple differential steering transmission with dedicated Hi and Low selector, Forward, Neutral and Reverse

Argo 750 HDI – Cab, Tracks & ROPS

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