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ATV Aluminum Tandem Axle Tub Trailer

Get to those special out-of-the-way places with all your gear.The lightweight aluminum body, with 45 cubic feet of interior cargo space you can take the long road back. The walking beam suspension and 25″ tires make navigating rough terrain easy and safe while cruising over almost any terrain. A well protected axle with a lightweight, aluminum body to provide outstanding durability with easy towing. Optional aluminum lid with top cargo rack is available. Lids are equipped with hinges and hydraulic lifts that take over lifting the lid once it is started. The lids open wide enough to still provide full access in and out of the trailer box area. Great for towing behind a Side by Side or Argo.

Tandem ATV Trailer


    • Tires

      25 x 9 x R12

    • Dry Weight

      350 lbs

    • Length (Box)


    • Width (Box)


    • Depth (Box)


    • Ground Clearance (To Axle)


    • Ground Clearance (To Tub)


    • Box Capacity

      45 Cubic Feet

    • Payload Capacity (GVWR)

      1,600 lbs

    • Water Tight Lid


    • Gas Can Holder


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